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A Note To The Reader

This is a journal of my travels in search of my precious daughter
Julia and my beloved sister, the Countess RedRose. My name is Trekker. I 
was a knight in the service of the royal court of Emperor Vot and Empress
Mes. As part of my duties to the crown, I was frequently at the palace and
was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of Princess Blueyes, the
sister of the emperor. We had a daughter, Julia, out of wedlock. When word
reached the emperor of my part in it, I was stripped of my title and
banished from the kingdom, never to return again. I was heartbroken and 
there was nothing for me to do but lick my wounds in solitude. Years later
I received word that Julia had gone to Europe on holiday with her consort,
Sir Dylan. I resolved to find her with the help of my sister.
RedRose had stood up for me all through those lonely years without
Julia, even to point of questioning the crown itself. She was unconventional
and beautiful and I loved her so. I felt that I needed her help to find
my daughter in Europe. But in the intervening years, she had also been
banned from the court and I had lost track of her whereabouts. So now my
journey involved not only finding my daughter but my sister as well.
My journey has taken me to places around the world, from the bizarre
to serene, from exciting to dull. But there is little time left for me. I
must record my thoughts quickly. I have written in the first person about 
all those events in which I have been personally involved. I have also come
into the possession of documents written by others who crossed my path and
have woven them into the story as well in the third-person format. 
	I began my search with a trek to Lord Axel. 

Begin The Tale

Chapter One - Journey's Beginning