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This Could Be The Scariest Thing On The Web

Okay, sure.
Opposites Attract
But can you imagine Rush Limbaugh Skronking Sandra Bernhard?

I didn't think so.

Couples From Hell

Now, get a mental picture of these couples in the sack.
(or the floor, or bent over the oven, or tied
naked to the chandelier whilst one of them, wearing
skis...oh, never mind.)

Abe Vigoda & Monica Lewinsky

Buster Poindexter & Amy Grant

Warren Christopher & RuPaul

Axl Rose & Betty White

Moesha & Steve Forbes

George Will & Lisa Whelan

Rob Lowe & Pat Schroeder

Barbara Bush & Adam Sandler

O.J. Simpson & Martha Stewart

John Walsh & Susan Smith

Butterfly McQueen & Slash

Pat Nixon & Howard Stern

Alicia Silverstone & Rodney Dangerfield

Kofe Annan & Pamela Lee

Billy Ray Cyrus & Diamanda Galas

Marilyn Vos Savant & Pauly Shore

Jesse Helms & Annie Sprinkle

Rick James & Kathie Lee Gifford

Mona & Wellington

Good Lord, That Was Odd.

Sheesh, Belvedere and Bainbridge think of some strange shit. I've had enough.